TocToc QR, the solution to receive messages via QR Code !

Don’t miss any visit using TocToc QR.
Your neighbors, customers, postmen, will leave you a message through your QR Code.
Download the mobile app now and generate your QR Code!
Créer son QR en quelques secondes, puis recevoir ses messages à travers celui-ci grâce à TocToc QR !
What is TocToc QR?

Stay always connected with TocToc QR,
the free messaging app using QR Code !

Never miss an important message even when you are busy or away.
With TocToc, generate your own QR code and receive instant messages from anyone who passes by your residence or business. Stay in touch with the world without missing a single note!

Generate your QR Code

Generate multiple personalized QR Codes, then display them on your website, blog, or share them on social networks.

Stay connected​

Receive instant messages from people passing by your home or business, even when you are away.

Useful for everyone

Individual or business owner, everyone is concerned!
Simplify communication with your customers, suppliers or neighbors with TocToc.

Easy to use and FREE

Generate your anonymous instant messaging through a QR Code in a few seconds, and for free!

A QR Code in a few seconds

Generate your customized QR Code with TocToc QR

With TocToc QR, you can easily generate a custom QR Code, with various information defining it, such as a logo, a name, a welcome message, and many more …
Download it through the application, then resize it according to your needs. All you have to do is share it, or print it to display it where you want!
Stay easily reachable and never miss any important message. Simplify your exchanges with TocToc QR now!
Créer un QR Code
Liste des message sur TocToc

A simple and intuitive messaging system

Stay connected even when you are away or busy

Once visitors scan your QR Code, they are automatically redirected to a dedicated web page where they can engage in a real-time conversation with you.
With TocToc QR, you will never miss an opportunity to interact with your visitors and respond to their important messages.
Simplify your exchanges, stay connected and offer a smooth communication experience with our instant messaging system.


How to use TocToc QR ?

The QR Code FAQ by TocToc QR

It is quite normal that you have questions about the use of TocToc.
Here, you will find all the most requested information to start your adventure on our application!
TocToc, how does it work ?
To use the TocToc mobile application, you must first generate your first QR Code, by providing it with a name, a catchphrase, and a welcome message on the web interface.
Once created, you can print it and display it on the door of your home or business.
Your visitors will be able to scan the code and leave you a message, even in your absence.
You can easily consult these messages in the list of messages of the TocToc application.
Are the QR Codes generated by TocToc customizable?
Absolutely, the QR Codes generated by TocToc can be customized to a certain limit with the free version.
  • In the free version, you can add a customized welcome message for your visitors, visible after scanning your QR Code to leave you a message.
  • With the premium version, you can customize the TocToc Vignette, the poster containing your QR Code that you can print and display on your door, by adding a personalized message.
    In addition, you can secure your QR Code by setting an access password, thus limiting access only to people with the password.
How can I manage the messages received with TocToc ?
You can archive or delete a received message by swiping the message to the left and selecting the desired action: archive or delete.
You can access archived messages by pressing “Filter”.
Can I use TocToc to receive messages in multiple places (home, office, etc.)?
TocToc offers two options for receiving messages in several places:
  • The free version allows you to display your QR Code in different places to receive messages on the same messaging.
  • By opting for a paid version, you benefit from 2 QR Codes or more to have a messaging dedicated to each place where you want to receive messages.
How can I cancel my TocToc premium subscription?
If you want to cancel your TocToc subscription, open the menu at the top right of the application then press “Change offer” at the bottom of the menu. You can easily unsubscribe by pressing “Unsubscribe”.
You can also change your formula from the same page.
How can I contact TocToc customer support if I have problems?
In case of problem, you can directly contact us through our contact form at the bottom of our website!
What are the advantages of TocToc over other messaging applications?
TocToc offers several advantages over other messaging applications:
  1. Speed: TocToc allows visitors to leave messages by simply scanning a QR Code, without having to create an account or install an application.
  2. Customization: TocToc users can customize their QR Codes with a welcome message and a personalized thumbnail, which allows you to create a unique experience for visitors.
  3. Flexibility: With TocToc, it is possible to use multiple QR Codes to receive messages in different places (home, office, etc.). In addition, users can set a password to limit access to their QR Code.
  4. Privacy: TocToc allows users to receive messages without having to share their phone number or email address, which can be advantageous for those who want to protect their privacy.

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